Imaging Site Management

Intrinsic Imaging Site Management
Intrinsic Imaging Site Management

Imaging Site Management

With over 4000 imaging sites in 75 countries, our teams specialize in managing international imaging sites participating in Phase I-IV Clinical Trials and Class I, II and III Medical Device Trials.

Our Project Managers are experts in site management and have proven records of managing international clinical trials across all therapeutic areas and indications.

Imaging Site Qualification & Training

Intrinsic Imaging has extensive experience in qualifying and training imaging sites participating in clinical trials.

In qualifying and training sites, our first efforts are in establishing an open transparent relationship with the imaging sites team members. Upon doing so, we document the imaging sites capabilities and ensure they each have the needed equipment, resources and availability to participate for the duration of the clinical trial.

Using a study specific Image Acquisition Guide, we train each site on how to acquire and transfer patient scans. Each site is then required to provide test scans to ensure they have understood the training.

ISO Certified Process

At Intrinsic Imaging, we recognize it is essential to ensure the correct acquisition of each patient timepoint. We have therefore implemented ISO certified processes to ensure that every patient timepoint is acquired exactly per protocol.

For each clinical trial, Intrinsic Imaging manages all imaging sites and ensures that all sites are qualified, trained and able to acquire an submit patient timepoints correctly.

Most importantly, we monitor all sites throughout the entire trial and quality control each and every timepoint within 24 hours of receipt.