Study Management

Intrinsic Imaging Project Management
Intrinsic Imaging Project Management

Study Management

At Intrinsic Imaging, our teams specialize in providing imaging core lab services in support of Phase I-IV Clinical Trials and Class I, II and III Medical Device Trials.

Our Project Managers are experts in study management and have proven records of managing international clinical trials across all therapeutic areas and indications.

We manage all aspects of the imaging portion of the clinical trial and ensure to guide it towards success.

To ensure continuity and customer satisfaction, Intrinsic Imaging assigns two Project Managers to every study. The Primary Project Manager will act as a single point of contact to work closely with Sponsors on all aspects of their trial and the secondary project manager oversees and communicates study activities and deliverables.

Study Management Technology

To manage trials,  Intrinsic Imaging implements its cloud based technology for the complete day-to-day management of the Study.

All aspects of the Study’s progress is tracked and managed including but not limited to, site management, image transfer and receipt, image quality control and related processing, independent reviewer assessment scheduling and assessments and centralized reporting.

At Intrinsic Imaging, our studies are managed to ensure on time delivery – every time.

Study Management Services

Intrinsic Imaging will manage all aspects of the imaging portion of this Study.  More specifically, Intrinsic Imaging will;

  • Manage the Study until completion
  • Manage all imaging sites
  • Ensure study-related activities occur per specified timelines
  • Manage document generation, distribution, and finalization
  • Manage case assignment to reviewers
  • Host regular teleconferences
  • Prepare and Attend Investigator Meetings
  • Organize and implement meetings with internal study team members
  • Schedule radiologists as needed to complete study reads
  • Generate and distribute status reports on a regular basis
  • Escalate site imaging quality concerns and ensure appropriate action plans are implemented
  • Ensure proactive adherence to applicable SOPs, including generation of internal documentation as well as responding to internal and external audit findings