ISO 27001 Certified Imaging Core Lab for Informational Security

Informational Security

Intrinsic Imaging’s is an ISO 27001 Certified Imaging Core Lab.

Certified by the British Standards Institute (BSI), the world’s largest and most respected National Standards Body, our certification is specifically for ensuring informational security while providing services on Phase I, II and III Clinical Trials and Class I, II and III Medical Device trials.

Intrinsic Imaging’s ISO 27001 Informational Security Management certification demonstrates the company’s ability to reliably and effectively protect all informational assets during clinical trials.

ISO 27001 Certified Imaging Core Lab

Intrinsic Imaging is the only imaging core lab in the world whose quality management system is ISO 27001 Certified.

Our certification includes the protection of all activities, functions, services, partnerships and supply chains from a disruptive informational security incident during clinical trials.

At Intrinsic Imaging, we have the most sophisticated and comprehensive quality management system in the industry. Our ISO 27001 Informational Security certification is another example of Intrinsic Imaging’s leadership in providing quality imaging core lab services.

Protection from Informational Incidents

Intrinsic Imaging’s informational security management system protects against the likelihood of occurrence of informational security incidents during a clinical trial. Additional benefits include:

  • Significantly reduced risk of harm or loss due to sensitive information loss during a clinical trial
  • Peace of mind that all clinical trial data is secure
  • Proactive security incident reduction during clinical trials
  • Alignment of information security controls with the unique needs of clinical trials
  • Increased awareness of information security issues related to clinical trials
  • Enhanced ability to manage information security breaches if they do occur, thereby limiting business impact
  • Year-on-year advancement in the security of information assets as a result of continuous improvements