Intrinsic Imaging Quality Policy

Intrinsic Imaging’s Quality Policy

Intrinsic Imaging’s Management is committed to the following objectives:

• Ensure quality and regulatory compliance in everything we do.
• Ensure that our policies and standard operating procedures are written, reviewed, approved, clear, concise and are regularly revised to reflect our actual processes.
• Ensure that all of our policies and standard operating procedures are followed as prescribed.
• Optimize the management and analysis of medical images during Phase I-IV clinical trials.
• Provide complete customer satisfaction and continuous improvement to ensure quality services.
• Define and meet/exceed our customer’s clinical trial needs.
• Measure and analyze performance metrics for each study, and as a business, and then institute changes or adjustments as appropriate.
• Without compromising quality or regulatory compliance, strive to achieve unprecedented operational targets using unique technology, optimized business models and in-depth professional radiology expertise across all therapeutic areas.
• Educate all employees about the linkages between their roles and customer satisfaction.
• Ensure effective communications within our team and with all external customers.
• Foster a team approach to problem solving and preventive action by empowering all employees to be quality ambassadors.
• Instill quality management into Intrinsic Imaging’s culture and daily practices as a long-term commitment to quality, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction.
• Meet regularly to review and ensure the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.