Medical Device Imaging

Intrinsic Imaging Medical Device Imaging Expertise
Intrinsic Imaging Medical Device Imaging Expertise

Medical Device Experience

As an Imaging Core Lab, Intrinsic Imaging’s team has extensive experience in providing imaging core lab services in support of Class I, II and III Medical Device Trials.

Intrinsic Imaging is the only ISO 13485 certified imaging core lab specifically certified to provide quality imaging core lab services for Medical Device clinical trials. Intrinsic Imaging’s medical device certification was granted by the British Standards Institute (BSI), one of the world’s largest certification bodies.

Our fellowship trained Interventional radiologists, are responsible for a broad range of assessments and evaluations of medical devices across the range of therapeutic areas and are experts in protocol design and in the selection and the utilization of imaging modalities that are best oriented towards the placement, assessment and evaluation of various medical devices.

Medical Device Expertise

ISO 13485 certified specifically for providing imaging core lab services for Medical Device trials

10 full-time, board-certified, fellowship-trained radiologists with medical device expertise

Reviewing 200,000 Medical Device related images annually

Expertise including but not limited to the full complement of medical devices

Modality expertise including:
– CT
– 3D techniques
– Nuclear medicine with PET
– Radiography (CR and DR)
– Ultrasound

Expertise in all Devices

Angioplasty balloons
Biopsy Equipment
Diagnostic software
Drug Delivery Devices
Inferior Vena Cava Filters
Mammography CAD/AI Software
Musculoskeletal CAD/AI Software
Neurology CAD/AI Software
Oncology CAD / AI Software
Novel devices
Thrombectomy devices
Venous access tools

Intrinsic Imaging Medical Device Team

John W. Thomas, MD
Medical Director
Medical Device

Stuart Browne Jr., MD
Medical Device

David Bynum, MD
Medical Device

James Lutz, MD
Medical Device

Amit Mehta, MD
Vice President and CMO
Medical Device

Mike Middlebrook, MD
Medical Device

Pablo I. Pallan, MD
Medical Device

Ezequiel Silva III, MD.
Medical Device

John Stoll, MD
Medical Device

Jorge A. Velez, MD
Medical Device