Neuroradiology Imaging

Intrinsic Imaging Neuroradiology Expertise
Intrinsic Imaging Neuroradiology Expertise

Neuroradiology Imaging Experience

As an Imaging Core Lab, Intrinsic Imaging’s team has extensive experience in providing neuroradiology imaging services in support of Phase I-IV Clinical Trials and Medical Device Trials.

Our team of board-certified fellowship trained neuroradiologists specializes in all brain and spine pathology with broad experience and expertise in neuroradiology imaging using MRI, Volumetric MRI, CT, diagnostic and interventional angiographic procedures, as well as PET imaging using novel CNS markers.

Neuroradiology Imaging Expertise

Our neuroradiology team consists of board-certified, fellowship-trained neuroradiologists with expertise in the full spectrum of brain and spine disease processes.

Modality expertise including;
– Catheter Angiography
– CT & CTA including CT perfusion
– Diffusion tensor imaging
– MRI & MRA including MR perfusion
– Volumetric MRI
– Nuclear imaging including FDG PET
– Ultrasound including transcranial doppler

Neuroradiology Imaging Indications

Alzheimer’s Disease
Aneurysm and vascular malformations
Brain Tumors
Cerebrovascular disease
Huntington’s disease
Multiple Sclerosis
Neurointerventional devices
Parkinson’s including dyskinesia’s
Spinal degenerative diseases
Spinal cord injury
Traumatic Brain Injury